Betaine Supplementation Lowers Plasma Homocysteine In Healthy Men And Women


Supplementation of 6g betaine was able to lower plasma homocysteine, although to a level lower than 800mcg folic acid, although betaine appeared to reduce the AUC of homocysteine following methionine loading whereas folic acid was ineffective; both were effective relative to a placebo condition.

There was an increase in B12 that may have reached significance due to a decrease seen in placebo.

Effect of Folic Acid and Betaine Supplementation on Flow-Mediated Dilation: A Randomized, Controlled Study in Healthy Volunteers


Six weeks supplementation of 6g TMG in otherwise healthy adults (aged 50-70) was sufficient to lower fasting plasma homocysteine (12%) which underperformed relative to 800mcg folic acid; blood flow was unaffected. Serum B12 was not affected relative to placebo, but due to a nonsignificant drop in folate and a nonsignificant rise in the TMG group there was a difference between them.

The Effect Of Low Doses Of Betaine On Plasma Homocysteine In Healthy Volunteers


Supplementation of betaine in otherwise healthy persons without abnormal homocysteine concentrations appears to be time dependent up until five days (where the reduction in homocysteine then plateaus) and dose dependent from 1,000mg to 6,000mg, with the lowest dose only effective in homozygotes of the T allele of MTHFR.

Folate was reduced after the first dose, but readily normalized with prolonged supplementation. Conversely, the addition of folate to betaine caused a relate spike in serum folate but also normalized after continued supplementation.

Betaine Supplementation Decreases Plasma Homocysteine Concentrations But Does Not Affect Body Weight, Body Composition, Or Resting Energy Expenditure In Human Subjects


In obese subjects given supplementation of betaine at 6g daily for 12 weeks was able to decrease homocysteine (9%) relative to placebo but the decrease in total cholesterol and LDL seen in placebo was not present in betaine intervention; there was no influence on body weight. There was no influence on plasma nor RBC folate concentrations.

The increase in ALP (liver enzyme) seen in placebo was prevented with betaine.